Anthologist Boutique

A passionate collector of objects that stir the soul, Anthologist’s founder Andria Mitsakos has made it her mission to cultivate, curate, and celebrate the spirit of ancient cultures while creating forward-looking experiences. Prizing originality and authenticity, she brings magic to every project, and enriches every aspect of the storytelling. The original Anthologist, she feels every place, person, and object has a story—and she’s here to help tell those tales.

The Anthologist Collection includes evocative curios that celebrate cultural conservation. Pieces are inspired by custom creations, as well as artifacts collected in sourcing expeditions. All are positive-impact, impeccably crafted, and an antidote to a cookie-cutter world.

Every Anthologist shop is a cabinet of curiosity featuring our current collections, limited edition items created for its location, and artisanal objects sourced by Andria to reflect the authentic ambience of the Greek islands.

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