Authentic Island Design

Cosme’s design is inspired by the bright fishing villages of Paros and is characterised by the one-of-a-kind ‘Aegean Touch’ delivered by architecture and design studio, Interior Design Laboratorium.

Cosme Hotel Paros
The authentic island décor elegantly blends rare elements from around the Mediterranean with bold Cycladic lines throughout the resort.

Enveloping guests in a luxurious narrative of Paros

Design details throughout reference the style and beauty of Paros: from the characteristics of the indigenous houses and buildings and references to local traditions and rituals to the hotel’s half-moon pool reflecting the shape of the bay in which Cosme stands.

An intimate village-style feel

Meandering pathways throughout the property create an intimate village-style feel, reminiscent of Naoussa itself, encouraging chance encounters and serendipitous moments of discovery.

A World of Art

Art at Cosme is an integral part of the guest experience with an eclectic mix of native multimedia Greek artists on display. Combining modern and classical approaches, these include Margarita Myrogianni, Terpsichore, Christina Mandilari of Naked Summers and more.

We invite you to explore your countless, dynamic expressions.
Swim, unfurl, laugh, rest, take on new experiences.

And in every moment, like the winding Naoussa paths open possibilities—like the waves wash the sand clean—you can choose what comes next. At Cosme, you are free to be.
Cosme Hotel Paros
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