Cosme Hotel Paros

The time is right to celebrate life and feel free

Set in the soulful village of Naousa —the jewel of Paros— with the clear-blue Aegean water at its feet, beachfront Cosme, a Luxury Collection Resort, embraces the energy of the sea and reciprocates the joyful pulse of the town.

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At Cosme, whether you choose your journey or let your journey choose itself, our welcoming team is here to send you on your path. Revel in the spirit of the private beach club, step into the treasures of Anthologist boutique, relax at the sweeping spa, or meet friends for a Medite-grecian meal at Parostia Restaurant by celebrated Greek chef Yiannis Kioroglou.

In the Name
of Cosme

Cosme takes its name from the Greek word “κόσμος”, being the first compound for “cosmopolitan,” or else citizen of the world.

Sitting at the heart of the Cyclades, within the Aegean Sea, Paros is an island with a cosmopolitan personality; an international trade hub since ancient times, where merchants from around the world would meet to exchange goods, stories, traditions.

Made in Paros

Characterized by sugarcoat fishing villages, serene landscapes, and stretches of crystal-clear beaches, Paros is the quintessential Greek island offering the global traveller fascinating insights into the history, traditions, and rituals of the Cyclades.

Cosme is moments away from the island’s vivacious, whitewashed harbor town of Naoussa -the cosmopolitan heart of Paros- ideal for upscale shopping and eclectic dining, as well as mingling with locals and their enthusing nightlife.

Stay in Cosme

The 40 guestrooms weave a story of Paros, balancing the island’s blues and whites jeweled with artworks by local artists and eclectic treasures of the kind brought by merchant travelers.

Medite-grecian Dining

Celebrated Greek chef Yiannis Kioroglou will be leading the culinary journey at Cosme bringing his passion for "Medite-grecian” cuisine to the hotel’s stunning beachfront Parostia Restaurant and the laidback serene Volta Restaurant.

At Cosme, you’re free to be.

We invite you to explore your countless, dynamic expressions. Swim, unfurl, laugh, rest, take on new experiences. And in every moment, like the winding Naoussa paths open possibilities—like the waves wash the sand clean—you can choose what comes next. At Cosme, you are free to be.
Cosme Hotel Paros
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